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LGPLLesser General Public License (GNU)
LGPLLibrary General Public License
LGPLLesser Gnu Public License
LGPLLake Geneva Public Library (Lake Geneva, WI)
LGPLLa Grande Public Library (La Grande, OR)
LGPLLocust Grove Public Library (Georgia)
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Movilidad Migracion No detalla de codigo debil Disponibilidad on-line -- Licencia LGPL. Version de evaluacion libre, limitada Interface GUI GUI Instalacion Documentacion Complete Muy completa Ayuda Manual Manual Fuente: Modificado de Marchetti y Garcia (2003) Tabla 2.
GPL, the LGPL also generally requires that works based on an
-- Broadcom is providing both the floating-point and fixed-point C source code of BroadVoice16 and BroadVoice 32 under an open source license (LGPL version 2.1) and on a royalty-free basis.
Be visual: Use some of the high-quality icons from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Clear, which are free to use under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), to spruce up your website.
Outras, no entanto, preferem basearse apenas na Lesser General Public License (LGPL) -- caso da JBoss -- e recebem receitas somente de serviços que incluem suporte, treinamento e consultoria.
Es un componente del proyecto MyGrid y esta disponible gratuitamente bajo los terminos de la licencia LGPL.
That is, in fact, Alfresco's explicit strategy in assigning a very liberal Lesser General Public License (LGPL) usage license to the source code, allowing other firms to build commercial products off the platform.
The GNU Lesser General Public License ('LGPL') provides what is known as a 'weak copyleft'.
iVia software is licensed as open source (GNU GPL and LGPL).
Laurent, a lawyer, examines 12 licenses and projects that include Apache, GNU (GPL), GNU (LGPL), Mozilla Public License and Microsoft Shared Source Initiative.