LGRPLocal Government Reform Programme (Tanzania)
LGRPLocal Government Reform Project (Croatia)
LGRPLocal Government Resourcing Partnership (UK)
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New Mansfield's proportionate entitlement should equal the proportion of rate revenue generated in the south of Delatite in 2001/02' (LGRP, 2002b: 36).
The Panel also considered--but rejected--the division of moveable assets and liabilities on the basis of resident population, total population, resident population plus non-resident ratepayers, and the number of ratable properties (LGRP, 2002b: 36).
The Review Framework (provided by Delatite Shire Council) proposed 107.7 FTE for Benalla and 45.1 FTE for Mansfield, a net increase of 5.3 positions (LGRP, 2002b: 14).
The LGRP had recommended increases to the proposed salaries for the Mansfield CEO, Manager Shire Services, Manager Engineering Services and Manager Finance (LGRP, 2002b: 17).
These amounts fall far short of the LGRP projections (see Table2).
Contrary to the LGRP recommendations, transition costs did not fall on the new shire.
However, over the subsequent years, as the shires became free of the short run implications of the LGRP, salaries settled in proportion to the shire rates and charges income estimates (see Table 4).
Following de-amalgamation, Benalla's 3 year rate increase of 49% far exceeded the LGRP projections (see Table 5).
The final outcomes must have been very heartening to Mansfield residents, but disappointing for the Benalla citizens, who had been ambivalent regarding the original de-amalgamation proposal (LGRP, 2002b: 13).
After all, the LGRP (2002b) report (provided to MADRRA prior to de-amalgamation) indicated that Mansfield would bear almost the entire burden of de-amalgamation costs.
However, the residual Benalla residents were profoundly affected by the de-amalgamation, despite the LGRP (2002b) assertions to the contrary, and should thus have been part of a democratic decision to de-amalgamate.