LGWPLocal Government White Paper (publication; UK)
LGWPLow Global Warming Potential
LGWPLarge Groundwater Withdrawal Permit (Department of Environmental Services; New Hampshire)
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The system COPs and system capacities for the four LGWP refrigerants are shown in Figure 2(a) and Figure 2(b) and the data in solid bars represent the straight drop-in test results.
Figure 3(b) shows that it was possible to decrease the degree of superheat by adjusting the TXV, which also resulted in higher capacities and COPs of the system with the LGWP refrigerants.
Minor adjustments of the expansion valve improved further the COPs of the LGWP refrigerants at both design and off-design conditions of extreme high temperatures.
CFCs = Chlorofluorocarbons COP = Coefficient of Performance DB = Dry Bulb airconditioning DR = Developmental Refrigerant EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio GWP = Global Warming Potential HCFCs = Hydro chlorofluorocarbons HFCs = Hydro fluorocarbons HT = High Temperature HVAC = Heating, ventilating and LGWP = Low Global Warming Potential ODP = Ozone Depletion Potential POE = Polyolester TXV = Thermal Expansion Valve WB = Wet Bulb REFERENCES
Barve, A., Cremaschi., L., Drop-in performance of LGWP refrigerants in a heat pump system for residential applications, International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference at Purdue, July 16-19, 2012
(47), (48) The Living at Goal Weight Plan (LGWP) asks participants not to follow a temporary diet, but rather to adhere to a dietary plan and physical activity level appropriate for their individual goal weight.
Dietary Supplements (DS): (n=191) Participants included a combination of three sub-groups who all followed the LGWP while taking three different dietary supplements.
Placebo: (PLA) (n=239) Participants in this group followed the LGWP and took placebo capsules that contained dicalcium phosphate providing what is believed to be a non-therapeutic (<50 mg/d) amount of calcium.
They followed the (LGWP), consumed dietary supplements, and participated in an exercise program at the club 3 days per week.
Fundamentals of Lubrication and the Development of Lubricants Optimized for Use in LGWP Refrigerant-Based Applications
Comparative Review of Synthetic Lubricants Applicability for LGWP Refrigerants
Lubricants for LGWP Refrigerants HFO-1234yf and HFO-1234ze