LGYLoan Guaranty Service (US VA Veterans Benefits Administration)
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She continues to work on her most traveled analyst in LGY badge, although she's long since outdistanced any possible competition.
Our first sacrifice was Second Lieutenant Eric Almeida, who helped with a variety of projects as an LGY analyst.
Dr Gage continued to serve as LGY division chief and study advisor.
LGY's current division chief, Dr Thomas Gage, reviewed oodles of papers, reports, and articles, and began searching for a better way to do business, realizing that reviewing the same type of thing all the time, one can easily become stale; just as when he was programming a computer.
LGY analysts were involved in all phases of the Air Force Logistics Management Agency (AFLMA) operations this year, from contributing to decisions about the future mission of the AFLMA, to helping create and revise the new AFLMA Project Manager's Handbook, to civilians transitioning to the much-touted National Security Personnel System (NSPS), to writing articles for the Air Force Journal of Logistics, to leading projects, to contributing to humanitarian efforts, to helping the AFLMA's morale and welfare, and manning many of the Agency's additional duties, because our military personnel were deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq.
Major Jennifer Walston joined the AFLMA team last September, and was made LGY deputy, supervising all our military.
Dr Gage became the acting LGY director last June as Dr Golden assumed his new duties as the deputy director of the AFLMA upon the retirement of Colonel Currie and the assumption of command by Lieutenant Colonel Cushion.