LGoSLiverpool Guild of Students (UK)
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Clusters of the LGOs in Newport and Wrexham were found to be in the cities' most socio-economically deprived areas.
, X * (n, n, m, k) are n lgos from an absolutely continuous distribution function (df) F(x) with the corresponding probability density function (pdf) f(x) if their joint pdf has the form
The marginal pdf of the r--th lgos, X * (r, n, m, k) is
(16) have established recurrence relations for marginal and joint moment generating functions of lgos from power function and generalized exponential distributions.
With regard to transparency and accountability, the absence of proper financial controls, audit mechanisms and the lack of establishment of various monitoring and supervision bodies, provided for in Local Government Ordinance (LGO) 2001, led to widespread perception of corruption and leakages in the system.
Balochistan has revived the local government system which is a replica of the Balochistan LGO 1979.
The oil sands bitumen contains some light gas oil (LGO) fraction.
The LVGO and HVGO are directed to the LGO hydrotreater and HGO hydrotreater, respectively, and the VTB is routed to the Fluid Cokers and LC-Finer.
Additional five target wells have been approved by London-based LGOs management for recompletion over a period of next few couple of months at an average cost of about $50,000 per well.
LGO Energy has commenced production from the GY-277 oil well - the fourth of its planned heavy work-overs at the Goudron Field in Trinidad.
On Thursday, LGO Energy plc said production has now started from a new interval in well GY-50 at the Goudron Field in Trinidad.
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