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Under her measure, the local housing boards (LHBs) shall be established in all cities and first-class and second-class municipalities to ensure proper formulation, development, implementation, and monitoring of important local policies, including the preparation and approval of local shelter plans.
Currently, Welsh LHBs will be formulating their proposals for change and modernisation, before submitting them to Griffiths in the coming weeks.
"We have fluid-repellent masks available and these are being sent to LHBs this week for onward distribution."
But chair of the British Medical Association's Welsh Council Dr Philip Banfield said doctors were opposed to scrapping LHBs.
As one of the fastest-growing diseases in Wales, cancer is one such condition for which specialist nursing care should be considered a priority for all LHBs.
But the 22 LHBs will now be amalgamated to form just eight, with only Powys guaranteed to remain untouched.
"While the risk adjusted mortality index shouldn't be used in isolation to compare hospitals and LHBs, it is a key comparable indicator of what is happening in our NHS service across Wales.
It also demanded that LHBs deliver the expected standards of care given the minister's assertion that 'waiting times and standards will not slip despite budgetary constraints'.
Mark Drakeford told AMs that "unreasonable demands" were being placed on Health Boards under the current regime, which places a statutory requirement on Wales' seven Local Health Boards (LHBs) to balance their budgets every year.
A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "We expect LHBs to continue to reduce delays over the coming months with an emphasis on a zero tolerance approach to handover delays over one hour.
They should refuse to implement cuts, call on LHBs to go into deficit rather than destroy essential services, and build a campaign to demand adequate funding.