LHDALesotho Highlands Development Authority
LHDALethbridge Highland Dance Association (Canada)
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In my time with the LHDA external engineering and construction was dominated by consortia of South African and European companies, that sometimes incorporated Lesotho firms.
Utilizing the information that emerged during early investigations of LHDA corruption and during its prosecution of Sole, the Lesotho government then criminally tried Acres International and Lahmeyer International.
The World Bank initially opposed Lesotho's decision to remove Sole from his position at the LHDA while its audit was ongoing because the Bank was concerned that his removal "would interfere with project construction timetables and could lead to costly overruns." (111) In 2002, after Sole had been convicted of bribery, the World Bank initiated investigations into the behavior of Lahmeyer International and Acres, and cleared both corporations of any wrongdoing.
(4) It is important to note a third documented obligation of the project is to not worsen the current standards of living of people impacted by the LHWP (Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA), 1986).
Of these, some thought I might work for the LHDA or the World Bank and were fearful of being open.
The LHDA reported that 80 per cent of children surveyed in the local area drank water from and washed in unprotected springs and almost 50 per cent of them attended schools with no sanitation.
Since 1994 the World Bank repeatedly set targets for the LHDA to finalise 800 outstanding compensation claims by Basothos who have lost land and livelihoods to the water project.
A financing strategy was developed by the LHDA and its advisers at the Chartered Standard Merchant Bank, UK, with the endorsement of South Africa, after extensive consultation with various parties in the financial sector of the southern African common monetary area (then Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa).
Writing in Britain's Civil Engineering, Sethunya Nthako, planning and design manager of LHDA, and Andrew Griffiths, project "manager of Lesotho Highlands Consultants, note that although South Africa stood and still stands to gain much from the project, it would not have been prudent at the time to participate actively in liaising with international donor and construction communities.
Officials of the environment department of the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority have frequently complained to outsiders that they were unsuccessful in drawing attention to the ecological implications of the project: "We've got little in terms of proper baseline data," says a biologist on contract at LHDA who requested anonymity.