LHFPL1Lipoma HMGIC (High-Mobility Group (Nonhistone Chromosomal) Protein Isoform I-C) Fusion Partner-Like 1
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LHFPL tetraspan subfamily member 1 (LHFPL1) is a member of the lipoma HMGIC fusion partner (LHFP) gene family It is expressed widely in all tissues, especially high in lung, thymus, skeleton muscle, colon, and ovary [31] but the function has not been determined.
Meanwhile, five genes were identified to be candidate genes in Large White, which associated with all of six reproduction traits included ALDH1A3 and LRRK1 and five traits except W2CL were RTL4, TRPC5, and LHFPL1.
Isolation, tissue distribution and prokaryotic expression of a novel human X-linked gene LHFPL1. DNA Seq 2004;15:299-302.