LHFPL5Lipoma HMGIC (High-mobility group (nonhistone chromosomal) protein isoform I-C) Fusion Partner-Like 5
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Screening for the SLC26A4 (NM_000441.1), MYO7A (NM_000260.3), MYO15A (NM_016239.3), OTOF (NM_194248.2), CDH23 (NM_022124.5), TMIE (NM_147196.2), TECTA (NM_005422.2), PCDH15 (NM_033056.3), TMC1 (NM_138691.2), TMPRSS3 (NM_024022.2), LHFPL5 (NM_182548.3) genes was performed using the open array method (TaqManR OpenArrayR) in 12 families in whom m.
Lhfpl5 was found expressed specifically in hair bundle of cochlear hair cells [5] that modulate the transduction complex location and channel gating [6].