LHHLLeo Holmsten Human Life (East Rochester, NY)
LHHLLigue Hockey Homme Laval (French: Laval Men's Hockey League; Laval, Quebec, Canada)
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Skt nimittajna) contains what I call a "hidden palatal geminate" (Hitch 2014: 35-40) and counts LHHL.
HHLL, HLHL, HLLH, LLHH, LHLH, LHHL).During the study, each participant had a yellow highlighter to mark their word choices, and in the specific feedback condition, we used a red pen to indicate the correct word choices.
Specifically, an equal number of SF participants completed the PowerPoint slide packet in one of six orders of high(H) and low(L) relevant slides (HHLL, HLHL, HLLH, LLHH, LHLH, LHHL).