LHIPLiquid Hot Isostatic Pressing
LHIPLead Health Intervention Program (various organizations)
LHIPLeadership for Health Improvement Programme (UK)
LHIPLocal Health Improvement Partnership (Pennsylvania)
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Blood lead samples collected from children participating in the LHIP were obtained through written informed consent from parents as well as child assent.
Aggressive LHIP education and intervention programs may have resulted in a temporary reduction in soil/dust intake by children.
The LHIP provides free loaner high-efficiency particulate arresting vacuum cleaners to residents to address this need.
The LHIP paid participants a modest fee for blood and house dust samples specifically to identify and provide follow-up services to children at risk.
Because the LHIP temperatures are in the range of the solution heat treatment for aluminum, economy is gained by combining those two operations.
In addition, surface cracks and exposed shrink cavities cannot collapse in the process because the LHIP liquid will fill the voids without effect.
In terms of actual production, the LHIP increased fatigue lift by 35%.
Component density was another property checked before and after LHIP treatment.
Abbreviations: 2ME, [beta]-mercaptoethanol; AQP, aquaporin; BIB, Big Brain protein; DRIP, Drosophila intrinsic protein; DVIP, Dermacentor variabilis integral protein; Hg[Cl.sub.2], mercuric chloride; LHIP, Lygus hesperus integral protein; PRIP, Pyrocoelia rufa integral protein; RPIP, Rhodnius prolixus integral protein.
Letter order, on the other hand, showed significant activation for both groups in the rSPL (deaf signers: t = 2.08, p = 0.028; hearing nonsigners: t = 4.97, p < 0.001), lHIPS (deaf signers: t = 2.56, p = 0.011; hearing nonsigners: t = 5.15, p <0.001), and rHIPS (deaf signers: t = 3.50, p = 0.001; hearing nonsigners: t = 5.34, p < 0.001) as well as in the lSPL for hearing nonsigners (t = 4.57, p < 0.001).