LHISLipomatous Hypertrophy of the Interatrial Septum
LHISLittle Houses Improvement Scheme (National Trust for Scotland; UK)
LHISLeicestershire Health Informatics Service (UK)
LHISLocal Heritage Initiative Scotland (UK)
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Lhis study analyzes the 7.32-meter (24 feet) HVLS fan installed above or below the three beam detectors by 0.9144 meters (3 feet).
The Local social housing companies ('LHIs') were created by local governments (one or more municipalities), taking the legal form of commercial companies.
lHis Majesty King Hamad sent a letter to the Saudi leader thanking him for the kind gesture.
(6) Second, our methodology also requires using the exact LHIS survey instrument, which does not allow us to identify a particular member of the household.
The latter opportunity was the best but Dyer disappointingly slid Lhis shot wide, while Philipp Lahm nodded John Terry's header off the line near the end as England continued their fruitless chase for parity.
Abdullah had argued: lIt was not his half-brother's signature on the marriage certificate lHis half-brother was a resident of Saudi Arabia and not England lThe will was invalid because his half-brother asked to be cremated and to leave goods to a non-Muslim - both of which are against Muslim tenets Mrs Al-Bassam, who is in her mid-50s, had argued that her late husband was not a devout Muslim but a 'Westernised' horseracing fanatic.
lHis 'lazy' work last week put his participation temporarily in doubt
lHis son, who worked at the plant, was sprayed with deadly plutonium receiving the average annual dose of radiation in a few seconds.
Kroger, an Ohio-domiciled company, sold leasehold interests (LHIs), resulting in a recognized gain.
lhis is not a history of the alcohol and drugs fields - in many ways it is better than that.