LHJLadies' Home Journal (magazine)
LHJLocal Health Jurisdiction
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In our analysis, we are interested in determining how total costs for a LHJ change as inspections change--in other words, our objective is to answer the question: Are there economies of scale and/or scope for environmental health inspections services?
At the time of this report, local health jurisdictions (LHJs) in California had reported 94 deaths and 311 ICU admissions of patients with a positive influenza test result.
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According to police, Muhammad Miskeen, a resident of Mansehra, driver of a cab bearing registration No LHJ 4884, was found slaughtered in his vehicle near a dhaba on Park Road in the limits of Shahzad Town police station.
Mary Kay has received the first ever "Do Good" stamp from Ladies' Home Journal (LHJ).The magazine created the stamp to recognize companies that contribute to making the world a better place.
The LHJ had an enormous circulation, and McFarland published the day's most eminent poets--Richard Eberhart, Mark Van Doren, Marianne Moore, W.
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The following analysis centers on the peacemaking discourse published in Ladies Home Journal (LHJ) from May, 1945 (immediately after the final victory in Europe) through September, 1946 (one year after the victory in Japan).
"Move it into people's hands and you create value," says Dave Kurns, editor-in-chief of Meredith Interactive Media, home of the Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies Home Journal Web sites, BHG.com and LHJ.com.