LHLLinda Hall Library (Kansas City, Missouri)
LHLLister Hill Library
LHLLet's Have Lunch
LHLLorraine Hunt Lieberson (opera singer)
LHLLister Hill Library of the Health Sciences (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
LHLLaughing Hella Loud
LHLLeft Hepatic Lobe (liver)
LHLLight-Heavy-Light (molecules)
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Los lisados proteicos de la harina liofilizada (LHL) presentaron un maximo en el indice de solubilidad a pH 8 mientras que en los lisados proteicos de la harina secada en estufa (LHSE) se mantuvo casi constante en el rango de pH estudiado.
LHL is another company which prefers to buy its tractors, as it expects to continue using them beyond their expected value depreciation.
Pues bien, aunque parezca excesiva la comparacion, Bonet se ha enfrentado a LHL como a uno de aquellos clasicos (o como el mismo ha hecho en sus esplendidas ediciones de La puchera, El sombrero de tres picos, La Montalvez, la critica literaria galdosiana o la revista Laye), de modo que acaso lo mas apreciable de este libro sea precisamente lo que tiene de edicion critica.
LHL: Government has a very important role to play in several regards.
It counts as four moras, probably LHL, and involves what I call "post-consonantal glide resolution" (Hitch 2014: 17-23).
Le chef du Departement de psychiatrie de LHL etait alors le Dr Raymond Morissette.
LHL identified its weekly in-person instruction series, "Express Training," as a logical service to expand with online classes.
A phenomenon of late-onset HL (LHL) has been shown to occur after cardiac surgery.
The company has established a joint venture with LHL TLD Investment Partners, a group of music industry representatives including artists, managers, music producers and lawyers, to lodge an application for the right to own and operate this new generic top level domain.
23 March 2012 a[euro]" British Virgin Islands-based Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd (LON:TLDH), focused on purchasing and operating new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), has inked a joint venture deal with LHL TLD Investment Partners of Beverly Hills California to apply for the .music gTLD.
Loans in the consumer and commercial finance business decreased from 424.9 billion yen on March 31, 2007, to 334.2 billion yen on September 30, 2007, due mainly to the sale of LHL in the first quarter of this fiscal year and to a lesser extent a lower balance of loans at APLUS due to the increased focus on quality white-zone customers.
Ventive suffix (H) (Newman 2000: 663) fita: (LH) 'go out' [right arrow] fit-o: (H) 'come out' fadi (HL) 'fall' [right arrow] fad-o: (H) 'fall down this way' gangara: (HLH) 'roll down' [right arrow] gangar-o: 'roll down here' taimaka: (LHL) 'help' [right arrow] taiimak-o: 'come and help' b.