LHMALocal Housing Market Assessment
LHMALadies Hollywood Memorial Association (Richmond, VA)
LHMALebanese Healthcare Management Association
LHMALaurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance (Pennsylvania)
LHMALeavenworth Historical Museum Association (Leavenworth, KS)
LHMALatvian Hydro Meteorological Agency (water quality)
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* set minimum rents at $25 and allow local housing management authorities (LHMAs) to charge up to $50 at their discretion;
* allow LHMAs to request and obtain records regarding criminal convictions of applicants for public housing and to deny their tenancy;
* allow LHMAs and privately owned federally assisted housing owners to terminate tenancy if a resident, his family members or his guest(s) threaten the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises for other tenants or persons residing in the vicinity, or engages in criminal activities on or off the premises;
HUD will be given increased authority to take over "troubled" LHMA and turn them over to receivers.
The Act also would establish an accreditation board to evaluate the success of LHMAs in meeting their goals.