LHMTLietuvos Hidrometeorologijos Tarnyba (Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service)
LHMTLow-Range Heparin Management Test
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LHMT cards, control materials, and the TAS Analyzers were provided by Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Inc.
After thorough mixing, blood was withdrawn from this tube with a syringe and used to perform the citrated LHMT tests.
The citrated LHMT test had the lowest average difference of 3.1% (n = 206), followed by the ACT-LR with 3.5% (n = 577), the ACT with 4.1% (n = 638), and the whole-blood LHMT with 4.6% (n = 621).
Clotting times obtained with the LHMT did not correlate well with those obtained using other POCT methods or with laboratory-based heparin measurements.
This study also found that the correlation between clotting times (as measured by the LHMT, ACT, or ACT-LR) and actual heparin concentrations (measured by the anti-Xa reference method) is poor.
In conclusion, study results demonstrate that the overall performance of the LHMT on the TAS Analyzer is equivalent to that of currently commercially available POCT devices.
We wish to thank Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Incorporated for financing this study and providing the TAS Analyzers and LHMT test cards and control materials.