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From the field tsunami survey is found that the tsunami height at the northern part of Banda Aceh city (Uleulhe) is around 11 up to 17 m and the western part of Banda Aceh City (Lhok Nga) is around 30-35 above MSL.
On Saturday, Ryacudu visited Lhok Nga in the Aceh Besar region, where army troops were building an emergency bridge in an effort to normalize transportation in the region.
The nearby sites of Lhok Cut and Ladong(83) have yet to be properly explored, but they appear to represent the remains of a series of ports dating to the eleventh century and later, overlapping temporally with other ports on the same coast that have produced some evidence of south Indian contact.
The factory has been rebuilt in Lhok Nga by Lafarge with a total investment of US$170 million including for supporting facilities coal fired power plant, and port and terminal facilities.
According to Aceh military spokesman Zaenal Mutaqin, the ten were killed Wednesday in Lhok Sari village in western Aceh in a raid by the Indonesian military.
29, at 10 a.m., in the Lhok Nibung Village of the Simpang Lim Subdistrict in East Aceh, about 200 people, armed with machetes, halted the car (used by the soldiers) that was passing through the area,'' Armed Forces spokesman Maj.
Its factory was located in Lhok Nga, Aceh with an annual capacity of 1.4 million tons.
To guarantee process of production of urea fertilizer in Aceh, the government has taken a number of initiatives such as continuing negotiations with ConocoPhilips, an oil and gas production sharing contractor, awarded the contract to develop the marginal gas field of Block A in Lhok Seumawe.