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LHOPLittle House on the Prairie (TV show)
LHOPLancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (Lancaster, PA)
LHOPLatino Health Outreach Project (Common Ground Health Clinic; New Orleans, LA)
LHOPl'Hôpital's Rule (mathematics)
LHOPLoki's House of Pancakes (humor)
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Whitney was a coordinator and health care provider for the Latino Health Outreach Project (LHOP), which provides free bilingual health care to for Latinos, including both residents and the growing population of migrant workers involved in clean-up activities in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
With Lhops, ancient trails and other sacred religious sites are also located in theDzongkhag.Meanwhile, residents also say that it is necessaryto construct a bailey bridge across the Dainariver to connect with theDeepujhora village as people were disconnected during the summer.'Having a bridge will connect us every time.Otherwise, the road is seasonal without bridge,'Giri Raj Gurung fromKirney said.