LHPCLattice Hadron Physics Collaboration
LHPCLeuven Homepage of Papyrus Collections
LHPCLiver Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells (hepatology)
LHPCLocalized Hypoplasia of Primary Canines (epidemiology)
LHPCLake Highland Presbyterian Church (Dallas, TX)
LHPCLife & Health Planning Council
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This was used to propose several deterministic and stochastic extensions of the well-known K-means clustering framework: local K-hubs (LKH), global K-hubs (GKH), local hubness-proportional clustering (LHPC), global hubness-proportional clustering (GHPC) and global hubness-proportional K-means (GHPKM) [3].
--Novel clustering approaches: LKH, GKH, LHPC, GHPC, GHPKM.
Others are the Muchinga Power Company, which is a joint venture between Lunsemfwa Hydro-Power Company (LHPC) and InfraCo Limited to generate between 100 mw and 200 mw and 40 mw Kabompo Gorge Hydro Power project will cost about $120million.