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We used the LHQ developed by Applegate and Applegate (2004).
To become proficient at administering and scoring the LHQ, and also to obtain a high interrater reliability, prior to our study, we conducted a 2-year pilot using the LHQ with undergraduates and graduates, using the LHQ with various populations of students who were not included in this study.
In replicating the original LHQ, we also believed that summer reading would focus on the type of reading done when individuals are away from Internet or computer activities.
Question 1 of the LHQ provided data concerning titles or authors of books read as summer reading.
However, the responses to LHQ Question 1 must be interpreted in light of the results for LHQ Question 2, in which respondents rated their degree of enthusiasm for reading.
LHQ Question 3A Results: The Degree of Instructional Emphasis Placed on Remembering Details in Elementary and High School Reading
LHQ Question 3B Results: The Degree of Instructional Emphasis Placed on Reactions and Interpretations/Discussions of Literature
LHQ Question 3C Results: The Degree of Instructional Emphasis Placed on Completing Assignments or Reports Associated With Reading
LHQ Question 4 Results: Considering Elementary School Reading Experiences
Fenton, Assistant Director of Public Relations at LHQ, after a press article in which Berryman felt he was unfairly treated.