LHRCLocal Human Rights Committee
LHRCLegal and Human Rights Centre (Tanzania, Africa)
LHRCLesbian Health Research Center (San Francisco, CA)
LHRCLao Human Rights Council (Wisconsin; refugee protection; est. 1992)
LHRCLouisiana Health and Rehab Center (Baton Rouge, LA)
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LHRC was born from a tragedy that the clinic's founder, Laetitia Hatem, struggled to overcome.
Finally, the fact that Shumo and his colleagues received legal assistance from the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) merits comment on the role of NGOs in supporting or undermining pastoral land rights (see Tenga 2011; Hodgson 2011; Igoe 2003; Hesse and Odhiambo 2002; DCI 2005).
Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) (2007) 'Human Rights Report 2007'.
PINGOs Forum, HAKIARDHI, HIMWA and LHRC (2007) 'A report on eviction and resettlement of pastoralists from Ihefu and Usangu-Mbarali District to Kilwa and Lindi Districts', March.
Other areas in LHRC include offices for the Salvation Army, Lutheran Family Services, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness--Nebraska, as well as a full-service laboratory and administration space.
Providing an artistic touch, lighting fixtures throughout LHRC have custom silk-screen fronts, whose detail matches drapery throughout the building including the curtains separating patients' bedrooms from bathrooms.
For more photos of LHRC, visit behavioral.net/design 0109.
A group of kids, chaperoned by parents and activity staff, were invited to LHRC for a festival and bonfire.
When I hear my mom talk about the activities at LHRC, which go so far beyond daily bingo, a distinct philosophy emerges:
My second piece of advice relates to the role of the LHRC. As I mentioned, the LHRC is meant to have a proactive role, not limited to reviewing documents and hearing complaints that are brought before it.
When we began to hold these training conferences, we were a cozy group: we had 13 advocates and 13 Local Human Rights Committees (LHRCs), one for each residential facility.
* The Virginia facility-based human rights system was expanded to include community programs while I was chairing the state committee, but the LHRCs for the community programs were separate, as were the regulations governing them, although the State Human Rights Committee (SHRC) had ultimate responsibility for both systems.