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LHRHLuteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone (produced in hypothalamus)
LHRHLuteal Hormone Releasing Hormone
LHRHLuteotrophic Hormone-Releasing Hormone (neuroscience)
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Luteinizan hormonu salgilayan hormon antagonistleri LHRH reseptorlerine hizli bir sekilde baglanir ve LH, FSH ve testosteron seviyelerinde herhangi bir alevlenme olmaksizin hizli bir azalmaya neden olur.
The patient did not respond to the LHRH test (basal FSH 0.08 mIU/ml and LH 0.09 mIU/ml; peak FSH 0.09 mIU/ml and LH 0.11 mIU/ml).
As shown in the literature, our patient had the risk of increased attack frequency, especially because of estrogenic therapies (like LHRH injections) [9].
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report to treat ovarian hyperstimulation with 3-month depot LHRH agonists.
In prostate cancer, it has been described that a combination of melatonin (orally at 20 mg/day, in the evening every day until progression, starting 7 days prior to triptorelin) and the LHRH analogue triptorelin may overcome the resistance to LHRH analogues and palliate the adverse side effects [74].
The hypothalamus produces and secretes LHRH, also called gonadotropin-releasing hormone, into the hypothalamic--pituitary portal network.
The fact that 17.11% of the study population of sex offenders were being treated with CPA is similar to the findings of two studies involving German forensic psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics where 12% (in the 2002 study) and 15.7% (in the 2013 study) of the sex offenders received either CPA or LHRH agonists.
For women in stages preceding menopause, the hormone therapy should be combined with a luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH).
Subjects receiving LHRH agonist therapy complained of a plethora of symptoms.
Superactive analogues such as mammalian luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRHa) are widely preferred alone or in combination with a dopamine receptor antagonist over native LHRH and other compounds in a number of freshwater and marine species (Ngamvongchon et al., 1988; Thomas & Boyd, 1988; Alvarino et al., 1992; Carrillo et al., 1995; Morehead et al., 1998; Brzuska, 1999; Nayak et al, 2001; Duncan et al., 2003; Cek & Gokce, 2006).