LHRSLower Hunter Regional Strategy (Australia)
LHRSLaunch, Handling, and Recovery System (US Navy)
LHRSLinear Highway Referencing System (Canada)
LHRSLoris Hotel Reservation System (software)
LHRSLife History Recorder System
LHRSLateral Hypothalamic Recovery Syndrome (physiological psychology)
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When it came to the hCG) stimulation test's capacity to differentiate between AIS and 5-ARD cases, its sensitivity was 64%, specificity71%, NPV 71%, PPV 64%, positive LHR (PLHR) 2.07, negative LHR (NLHR) 0.42 and accuracy was 68.18% (Table-2).
The following measures of test accuracy and concordance were calculated: pooled sensitivity, specificity, positive likelihood ratio (LHR), negative LHR diagnostic odds ratio (DOR), and K coefficients (reliability) of all included studies, including 95 percent confidence intervals (CI).
Taking into account, that the FE maximum linear heat rate (LHR) is the chief factor determining [omega](t), the value of [omega](t) can be controlled first of all by optimizing [9]:
Bangkok, Thailand, July 25, 2013 --(PR.com)-- LHR is a leading health and wellness retreat company delivering programs at dream destinations worldwide and is part of Fitcorp Asia Group.
LPHD gathers LHRs from many patients to create a dataset that
We constructed a set of candidate models a priori to determine effects of covariates on LHRs of muskrats.
It uses the likelihood ratio (LHR) test with the null hypothesis Ho that P0 lags are sufficient to describe the dynamics of the model against the alternative hypothesis H1 that pl lags are preferable:
Here, we reported an adoption of the inhibitory AS-ODN strategy as an alternative approach to establish a more conclusive functional study for the LHRs during meiotic maturation of oocytes, since there are no selective LHR antagonists available.
The LHRS appears to have been a breakaway faction of the Fort Worth section of the National Council of Jewish Women.
While the LHRS samples were drawn in 1969 from the populations of married men and unmarried women (including widows, divorcees, and separated women, as well as never-married women), some individuals' marital status changed over the course of the survey.
The activity was chaired by the Deputy Director of Education of the Navy, Captain Jorge Lhrs, who was accompanied by the Campus Director, Captain Fernando Borcoski, relatives of the Grumetes and special guests.