LHSILutheran High School of Indianapolis (Indiana)
LHSILynn Health Science Institute (various locations)
LHSILid Hair Studios International (now China Pediatric Pharmaceuticals; Nevada)
LHSILife-Health Sciences Internships (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Indianapolis, IN)
LHSILow Head Safety Injection
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A graduate of Texas Tech University with three decades of experience in communications, fund development and public relations, Pointer will serve as vice president of marketing and fund development for LIHR and vice president and chief strategy officer for LHSI. Pointer recently sold her 22-year-old marketing and public relations firm.
As a result of the decomposition in the RGB layers, four subbands are obtained, corresponding to the approximation coefficients (LLSI), the horizontal detail coefficients (LHSI), the vertical detail coefficients (HLSI), and the diagonal detail coefficients (HHSI).
Once the first level of wavelet decomposition is applied, the corresponding subbands are obtained, in the case of subband LHSI, where the recovery map is stored, which allows us to identify the areas where the information of the IO is stored.