LHSPLloyd Hall Scholars Program (Michigan)
LHSPLong Handle Square Point (shovel feature)
LHSPLaboratoire d'Histoire des Sciences et de Philosophie (French: Department of History and Philosophy of Science; University of Nancy)
LHSPLancashire Healthy Schools Programme (Lancashire County, England, UK)
LHSPLutheran High School Parker (Parker, CO)
LHSPList Hosting Service Provider
LHSPLeft Handed Starting Pitcher
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The UK was one of the first donors to support LHSP through our partnership with MoSA and UNDP.
LHSP Southern Lebanon coordinator Fatima Khalil added, "We want to improve women's economic role so that they become producers and decision-makers in their families."
Step (iii): Four additional points on a traditional LHSP centering the initial point in step (i) are checked.
In agricultural areas, like the Bekaa, Akkar, and the South, the problems were similar in terms of availability of water, support for farmers, and ability to sell produce,'' said LHSP National Coordinator at the Social Affairs Ministry Suheir al-Ghali.
Joinlty with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), LHSP implements since 2013 a comprehensive coordinated and durable response, for increasing stability and buidling the ability of the communities affected by the Syrian crisis to address tensions, prevent conflict and ensure peaceful co-existence to the effect of the crisis, through improving livelihood and services provision.
LHSP supports the implementation of projects that: - Increase and improve the delivery of basic services at community level - Improve the ability of vulnerable groups, especially women and youth to cope with and recover from economic crisis through livelihood and local economic opportunities (such as job creation, micro-small-meduim enterprises development) - Improve the capacities of municipalities in the response to the crisis among their comunity, promoting conflict management
Under LHSP, the emergency grant aid will support agriculture related activities and infrastructure in Qabb Elias village, Bekaa.
The Women's Economic Participation project is implemented within the framework of LHSP (Lebanon Host Community Support programme).
And I salute the generosity and hospitality of the Lebanese population and of the local municipalities given the terrible crisis in Syria - particularly in the Bekaa region that is hosting the highest number of refugees in Lebanon." Press release concluded: "Through the LHSP programme, the UK is supporting over 1 in 5 municipalities by providing financial support of $64.2m to help improve the quality and delivery of basic services, at the local level, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and UNDP." L.Y
This is part of an additional Au800,000 to help renovate and create jobs through the Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP).
The UK is working with the Ministry of Social Affairs and UNDP through the Lebanese Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP), to deliver projects for the host community in Arsal, following the end of the Lebanese Army's Fajr el Jouroud operation last summer." Release added: "After his meetings, Ambassador Rampling visited the Second Land Border Regiment in Ras Baalbeck and the 9th Brigade of the Lebanese Army, who are overseeing the border with Syria, including the rough terrain in Arsal.
As part of the UK's support to Lebanon's Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP) in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and UNDP, Ambassador Shorter visited the construction site where work is underway to rehabilitate storm water drainage canals.