LHTSLeanne Hughes Theatre School (Bedfordshire, England, UK)
LHTSLondon Hotels and Travel Services (UK)
LHTSLocal Heat Transfer Simulation (thermophysics)
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Teng and Yu [11] experimentally studied the effect of different ceramic additives ([Al.sub.2][O.sub.3], Ti[O.sub.2], Si[O.sub.2], and ZnO) on the LHTS performance of paraffin wax.
Both of singular fillers, however, decrease the intrinsic higher latent heat of paraffin which is opposed by what is desired from a material for a reliable LHTS.
The technical support agreement is a follow-on contract to a comprehensive cabin modification of this aircraft, which LHT will be carrying out within next couple of weeks.
The move will not affect the further development of LHTs existing facilities.