LHULock Haven University (Lock Haven, PA, USA)
LHULord Help Us
LHULocal Health Unit
LHULoad Halfword Unsigned
LHULiverpool Hope University (UK)
LHULondon Housing Unit (est. 1987)
LHULet's Hook Up
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While the D-EGR engine was a modified GM LHU, the fuel economy and emissions results were compared to the base engine for two variants of the Buick Regal, the Regal GS which was powered by the 2.0 L turbocharged GM LHU, and the Regal Premium, powered by the 2.4 L naturally aspirated GM LEA.
Engine Conditions at High Speed and Load Engine GM 2.0L 14 TGDI Ecotec (LHU) BMEP, bar 19 Engine Speed, rpm 2000 Air-fuel ratio fixed Ignition timing fixed Camshaft phasing fixed Table 2.
declaration of the MPA breached the Lancaster House Undertakings (LHU).
All specimens from Paraguay, Caaguazu, near lhu. Table 6.
The Herfindahl index of manufacturers' concentration (LHU) was constructed using data on the number of units and level of employment by class of employment.
Meanin Name Meaning 1 Mouse Chyu Mouse 2 Ox Long Cow 3 Tier To Tier 4 Hare Hyui Cat 5 Dragon Bru Divine Eagle 6 Serpent Bri Serpent 7 Horse Ta Horse 8 Sheep Lhu Sheep 9 Ape Pra Ape 10 Hen Jhya Bird 11 Do Khyi Do 12 Hog Pho Deer or Boar Source: James, 1953 : 83, 115.
In New York State, public health law requires health-care providers with knowledge of a person exposed to an animal suspected of having rabies infection to report the incident to the local health unit (LHU).
The stupor into which he descends as he watches and his use of this entertainment as an alternative to interacting with his companion LHU, even a way of avoiding or substituting for her, suggest how the media have become a kind of drug, a way of dropping out of or escaping this world and an extension of the larger drug culture that this society, in order to control its people, has fostered.
The Tamu Society Qatar (TSQ) and Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh Qatar (TPLSQ) recently celebrated the festival of Loshar at Shamal Park and Shalimar Restaurant, respectively.
The LSPI study was conducted using a 2.0 L GM Ecotec engine of the LHU variant.
Q = [[integral].sup.L.sub.0] [[integral].sup.H.sub.0] [u.sub.2]-dydx = 1/2 LHU - [DELTA][PLH.sup.3]/12Z[mu].