LHUGLinotype-Hell Users Group
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78: lhug pa'i don mang ming mtshams dang // don 'bring 'byed dang don nyung rdzogs // tshigs bcad ga mthar chig shad bya // rdzogs tshig mtha' can lhug pa dang // tshigs bcad rkang mthar nyis shad 'thob // don tshan chen mo rdzogs pa dang // le'u mtshams su bzhi shad dgos // nga yig ma gtogs yig shad dbar // tsheg med de sogs zhib tu 'bad //.
In a message to Linotype-Hell users on the group's Web site, former LHUG board member Mark Carroll, president of Little-Rock-based Peerless Group, said all seven German and Swiss customer sites he toured with Heidelberg representatives last summer used the Gutenberg platesetter and other Linotype-Hell equipment.
The colophon to the Sil snyan bdun pa'i lo rgyus, a text contained in KHRO1, and with different tides in BRGYA and BRGYA1, and otherwise also known as the Sil snyan bdun pa'i tshig lhug, states quite plainly that he translated it in 1228.(10) Aside from the numerous treatises in KHRO1, BRGYA and BRGYA1 that have quasi-autobiographical and biographical content, the same library also contains a slightly damaged, seventy-eight folio blockprint of the much more fundamental Pan grub gsum gyi rnam thar dpag bsam 'khril shing, under C.P.N.