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LHVLower Heating Value
LHVLandelijke Huisartsen Vereniging (Dutch: Rural Doctors Association; Netherlands; est. 1946)
LHVLow Heating Value
LHVLady Health Visitor (health care)
LHVLock Haven, Pennsylvania (Airport Code)
LHVLower Hudson Valley (New York)
LHVLa Horde Vocale (French vocal group in Montreal, Canada)
LHVLiquid Hexavalent Vaccine
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Ten (72%) case-patients were from Westchester, Putnam, or Dutchess Counties, which are located in the Lower Hudson Valley (LHV), a highly Lyme disease-endemic region.
Considering that from the point of view of stable engine operation the variation of these two parameters should be kept in the range of [+ or -] 5%, it is obvious that neither LHV nor the Wobbe number can be kept in the required range in case of biogas operation because typical biogas contains at least 30-40V/V% C[O.sub.2] (Fig.
The same thermo book gives the LHV of gasoline as 18,800 Btu/lb., and at about 7 lbs./gal., that is 131,600 Btu/gal.
LHV Shabana Ashraf told Dawn that nurses were recruited in grade 16 and retired at grade 20 but no such job structure existed for LHVs.
The number of BHU and LHV is also needs to be extended in rural areas.
Estonia's LHV Bank has said that it has received approval from The Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom to open a branch in the UK on March 19, 2018.
Equity###800###US$ Million###Coal CV (LHV)###23,000###Btu/Kg
scapularis tick-transmitted infections in the 7 counties that make up the LHV. These counties are located immediately north of New York City.
The lower heating value (LHV) of oil shale used for electricity production is 8.3-8.4 MJ/kg.
TALLINN -- LHV Bank and Estonian Traditional Music Center signed a contract of cooperation according to which the bank continues to support Viljandi Folk Music Festival and is the first enterprise to lend a hand and contribute to the year-round activities organized by the center.
Technically, ethanol has less lower heating value (LHV) compared to gasoline ([DELTA] [LHV.sub.gasoline-ethanol] = 10 KJ/litre) and biodiesel has nearly the same as diesel oil has ([DELTA] [LHV.sub.diesel oil-biodiesel] = 0.8 KJ/litre).