LHWLeading Hotels of the World
LHWLady Health Worker (Pakistan program)
LHWLinke-Hofmann-Werke (German railway)
LHWLow High Water (same as HW NEAPs)
LHWLiquid Hazardous Waste
LHWLeft Hand Women (dance position)
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The modus operandi of the newly trained LHW has remained broadly the same since the program's inception--primary health care delivered at the doorstep of poor Pakistanis.
The officers also briefed the CEO that on Jan 18th, which was the 4th day of Polio Sweep activity, the LHW had left for Muzaffar Garh to attend court hearing without prior permission of her Polio Area Incharge Asmat Zahra LHS and UCMO.
The officer clarified that when they, along with Lady Health Supervisor (LHS), inquired into the matter from volunteers and community members, they stated that the said LHW related a totally baseless and fabricated story.
DOH has endorsed the CHWs as an available, trained resource for LHW Program's next phase of hiring.
LHW does not operate or asset manages any of the hotels; for that matter, neither does the group own any hotels.
5 In the LHW served areas, women were more likely to use modern contraception, have tetanus toxoid vaccination, there was increased use of medical facilities round the clock for deliveries by trained birth attendants and immunization of children under 3 yrs of age.
The performance of the LHW programme was evaluated by the Oxford Policy Management (OPM) in 1999 and 2008-09.
Key words: Complications, Pregnancy, LHW, Delivery, WRA
Using principles of community participatory research to improve women's mental health, our research team of nurses, psychologists, and LHWs understood that to follow the traditional LHW model of offering individual mental health services in the woman's home would not provide privacy.
Lifetime membership runs $50,000 (plus $4,000 in annual fees), but the secret method of bypassing these dues is by booking through Leading Hotels of the World (800-745-8883; LHW.
LHW members are so impressive that these hotels, such as the CopaCabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, have been the meeting place of kings, princes, and presidents.