LHWLeading Hotels of the World
LHWLady Health Worker (Pakistan program)
LHWLinke-Hofmann-Werke (German railway)
LHWLow High Water (same as HW NEAPs)
LHWLiquid Hazardous Waste
LHWLeft Hand Women (dance position)
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Gul Khuban, another LHW, said she had borrowed money from neighbours to attend trainings in the tehsil headquarters hospital, Bisham, but the department failed to pay her pending salaries.
Sanitary Patrol Nazia and Kulsoom, LHW Fozia Ata, and volunteer Muneeba Shoukat.
It is worth mentioning here that LHW s have refused to participate in anti polio campaign also.
Ehsanullah further added that they have "introduced base practices in the Sindh LHW program while a joint monitoring mechanism has been developed by engaging senior management of LHWs".
"Incorporating an LHW into cancer care increases goals-of-care documentation and patient satisfaction and reduces health care use and costs at the end of life," the authors write.
The Sindh health department and LHW Programme Sindh in collaboration with Nutrition International (NI) is implementing a programme on use of Zinc and Low Osmolarity ORS (LO ORS) for the treatment of Diarrhea in Sindh.
To be an LHW, one had to have eight years of schooling, and be recommended by the community, following which prospective LHWs would complete a 15-month training program (3 months classroom, 12 months practical) covering the basics of primary health care.
The RG was further treated with alkaline hydrogen peroxide (AHP) and liquid hot water (LHW) to obtain water-soluble polysaccharide fractions.
LHW's regional office is based in Dubai, a city it has three affiliate hotels in, and has witnessed double digit growth for the past 11 years.
Through DKT's Dhanak Health Care Center the villagers have access to 247 emergency and are very satisfied with the LHV and LHW present at these clinics.
The performance of the LHW programme was evaluated by the Oxford Policy Management (OPM) in 1999 and 2008-09.