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LHXLight Helicopter Experimental
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The LHX (precursor to the Comanche) earliest concept explorations are deeply connected to the Vietnam practical experience that for the first time permitted the clarification of the strengths and weaknesses of rotorcraft in large-scale operations.
LG's LHX and LH85 are the first TVs to eliminate this problem without sacrificing image quality, delivering 1080p Full HD resolution from a wireless transmitter up to 30 feet away, allowing consumers to have all of the beauty and none of the clutter.
Discerning consumers will instantly recognize the difference in watching our LH90 and LHX sets; no other television will look the same after experiencing them.
New Chain Gun models include the 20 mm Pit Viper proposed for the LHX.
Go-ahead decisions for LHX, A16, and the $5 million sensor (called Lantirn, a compression of "low altitude navigation and infrared system for night') are due soon; procurement of LHX may, over its production life, cost $60 billion--more than the Reagan administration has spent on the B1, the MX, or other programs that have received greater public notice.
LG Electronics: LG Electronics' LH85 and LHX LCD TVs are also available in North America and Asia (Booth #2623).
Perhaps even more seriously for the US Army, potential Hellfire termination also raises the question of what missile will arm its future LHX scout/attack helicopters.
Egbert entered management as Allison's LHX engine configuration and performance manager, later becoming the T800 air vehicle engine integration manager.
The OH-58C Kiowa, OH-58D Aeroscout/AHIP, UH-60A Black Hawk, AH-1 Cobra, AH-64 Apache and the future LHX light attack helicopter of the US Army are all getting an air-to-air version of the FIM-92 Stinger as a self-defence weapon system.
In collaboration with Brent Iverson, another well-known EA simulations developer, Paul has produced LHX, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat(TM), U.
The number of high-technology firms in each of the two current LHX teams gives some idea of the complexity of what will be the next generation of helicopters.