LHYLiquid Hydrogen
LHYLines Handled per Employee/Year (supply chain/logistics productivity measure)
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LHY MS Dr Aslam Pechucho, informed the commission that incinerator installation is under way in hospital.Executive Director Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Dr Seemin Jamali, while talking to media, said the Water Commission team visited the Sterilization Unit site, new surgical building, College of Nursing and water filter plant.
It seems that a new fix, LAAYK, fills the same function as LHY previously, but with more options.
I learned this in a letter from an FAA manager covering the decommissioning of LHY and the establishment of LAAYK, its T-routes and preferred IFR routes, that's on the Teterboro Users Group web site.
Ora, se retirarmos estes casos, o numero reduz- se, pertencendo uma grande parte dos exemplos de enclise a primeira metade do seculo XIV: "damos lhys" (1328 Alj 21), "damoi lhys" (1328 Alj 21), "e damoilhy" (1379 Alc 51), "deuelhis" (1307 Alp 13), "e entregoulhas" (1313 Tur 14), "e entregoulhos" (1340 Ped 29), "fazer lhys" (10) (1289 MA 1), "jten madolhy" (11) (1343 AM 31), "madolho" (1343 AM 31), "madou lhes dar" (12) (1437 Ped 94), "poderelha" (1565 Alc 153), "rrecebemofhe" (1452 MA 106), "rrequereraalhe" (1515 SM 141), "tornamof lhis" (1304 Alc 10).
to diminish, destroy" (30) Egyptian Aramaic wkzy knbwzy 'l lms[r.sup.yn] 'gwr' zk bnh hskhh w' gwry 'lhy msryn kl mgrw w'ys mnd'm b' gwr' zk l' hbl "when Cambyses came to Egypt he found that temple built, and they overthrew all the temples of the gods of Egypt but no one damaged anything in that temple." (31) Hebrew [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "you have cast his throne down to the earth." (32)
But the typical, ATC-assigned routing (DNY V449 LHY V149 MAZIE ARD RBV) is 258 miles, nearly 60 miles longer.
82, and his imaginary etymology in b + hyw, as if the roots bhh and bwh did not exist) of RoRycBG 9/1 because the reading of the name is certain in Gl A 607 = Gl 1720: /lhy Lahay, from the root lhy. The upper extremities of the first 2 vertical strokes are clear of any connecting bar, and the appendix of l is visible.
I got a clearance at 6000 for SWF WEARD LHY V106 LVZ V29 SWL V139 (394 miles).
Then came the clearance to Maryland via Lake Henry, Penn., (LHY; see "Clearance Clarification," October 2008 IFR).
and you can actually start direct Lake Henry now ...," which was a surprise to me, as Lake Henry (LHY) was nowhere on my filed route.