LI1Lithographer First Class (Naval Rating)
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Guo-Wei Li1, Zhen-Yu Qu1, Alfred King-Yin Lam, Jian-Guo Wang, Feng-Lan Gao, Tong-Xing Deng, and Jia-Hai Lu
(3) When lrp (p steps right) is the maximum value of similarity level in m similarity level (li1,li2,...,lim) of the left translation transformation, then [X'.sub.j+1] and [X'.sub.j] have the greatest similarity when [X'.sub.j+1] moves the distance of p measuring points to the left.
Xu Wang, (1,2) Lihua Zhu, (1,3) Ziwei Liao, (1) Fan Zhang, (1) Ling Xu, (1) Yan Xu, (1,2) Shaohua Chen, (1) Lijian Yang, (1) Yi Zhou, (3) and Yangqiu Li1, (2,4)
PC-GCUF 10/13, li1; PC-GCUF 10/12, right maxillar fragment with P4-M2.
Byline: Hui-Yan Li1 Hong-Guang Cui2 Xue-Yong Zheng3 Guo-Ping Ren4 Yang-Shun Gu5
Fuente: Elaboracion propia Tabla 8: Analisis fiabilidad de las escalas de medida de los factores criticos en Termas de Porto y Norte ITEM CORRELACION ITEM-TOTAL ESCALA LIDERAZGO LI1, LI2, LI3, LI4, LI5, LI6, Corre.
"Blind Bidding on Films Fought." New York Times, March 2, 1980, LI1.
LI1 Lietuvos Respublikos Triuksmo valdymo jstatymas [The Law of Republic of Lithuania on Noise Management].
In Part lI1 we address the question: what are the principles that underlie the current approach of the High Court of Australia to overruling in common law cases which may also be described as 'copper-bottomed' overruling cases?
"integer j; Li0: b[i] := false; Li1: if k [desigual a] i then Li2: begin c[i] := true; Li3: if b[k] then k := i; go to Lil end else Li4: begin c[i] := false; for j := 1 step 1 until N do if j [desigual a] i and not c[j] then go to Li1 end; critical section; c[i] := true; b[i] := true; resto del ciclo en el que se permite parar; go to Li0" La prueba
[21] EC, 2002, "Council Decision of 2002," Establishing criteria and procedures for the acceptance of waste at landfills pursuant to Article 16 of and Annex II to Directive 1999/31/EC, 2003/33/EC, OJ LI1, pp.
24, 1999, at LI1; Jackie Halifax, Deputy 'S Killing Behind Passage of New State Law, MIAMI HERALD, Dec.