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LIAGLand Information Assurance Group (British Army; UK)
LIAGLake Ice Analysis Group
LIAGLow Inertia Armature Generator (electric power)
LIAGLong Island Art Glass (Lake Grove, NY)
LIAGLight-Induced Avian Glaucoma
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A Robin Jones spokesman added: "The issues that LIAG have raised with regard to the North Wales Regional Waste Plan and the Draft UDP have been considered by both Flintshire County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government, the outcome being that there is no valid reason for delaying the determination of the application on these grounds.
When LIAG is added to the equation, the explanatory power of the model is not increased, nor is the regression coefficient significant (though it has the negative sign that we observed in earlier regressions).
But an LIAG spokesman said: "Having a landfill site in such close proximity to residential areas - with the prevailing wind blowing off the proposed sites -will pose a serious health threats to neighbouring communities.