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LIAISELocal Intelligent Agent as Informed Sales Expert (e-commerce)
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The Speaker is duty-bound to act fairly and impartially and to apply the rules of the National Assembly and applicable legislation, with due regard to ensuring the participation of members of all parties in a manner consistent with democracy and, therefore, cannot act on instructions from persons whose legitimacy, to liaise on behalf of their party, is in question.
He was authorised to liaise with the KIADB by the BCCI.
We will liaise with Newcastle but he is with England.
Cruz's immediate responsibilities are to liaise with City, State and Federal agencies, keeping them apprised of Migdol's initiatives in building senior and youth centers in affordable housing complexes.
62sec, while the other heat saw Hennessy enjoying a 1-2 as Michael Dunne's Gobstopper hold off Liaise With Lisa by a length in 42.
The committee is going to liaise with other village halls in the area to try to prevent the problem simply moving elsewhere.
The Secretary of the Task Force will work under the Employment and Social Affairs Directorate-General, which will also liaise with external stakeholders on behalf of the group.
It Will be great that Sudbury's business community will have a college that can provide Web-based training for businesses and its employees, and the ability for them to liaise with its markets and consultants around the world," says Filion.
Police officers have been sent to Scotland and Belfast to liaise with police forces on possible suspects for the shooting.
Liaise automatically captures, organizes and prioritizes action items as you type emails, and now includes new features designed to increase productivity for team leaders and email power users to keep them up to date and in control of their work.
No infrastructure support is required for the Cloud environment but the successful tenderer will be expected to liaise between the third party Cloud provider and the BAI.
We will liaise with the French police commanders to monitor fan behaviour in the cities, fan zones, on transport and at the stadiums and assist them when required in dealing with any potential problems.