LIAMSLogistics Integrated Asset Management System (USAF)
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In Winesburg no attention was paid to Wash Wil- liams and his hatred of his fellows.
There was something almost beautiful in the voice of Wash Wil- liams, the hideous, telling his story of hate.
Liam and his sniffer dog Theo, who together had uncovered a record 14 IEDs, were guiding a patrol through the notorious Shingazi area.
With Theo attached to a line at his waist, Liam walked at the front of the group.
"Liam had been crying all night," says Becky, who also has a daughter, Ava, aged six.
"At around 5am, Harry was in the room with us and I went to fetch Liam a nappy.
"Liam was really into heavy metal and put loads of it on my MP3 player.
Liam was just 10 years old when he was diagnosed with the rare cancer synovial sarcoma in his leg.
Referring to hopes he had for Liam's promising football career, he said: "I had great hopes that he could go all the way to the top.
Liam was collecting Oasis's trophy for Best Live Act when he snarled: "Robbie deserved the Q Award ...
While the duo worked, Liam crept away from the hustle and bustle of the set for some quality time with 22-month-old Gene.
During T In The Park in July, organisers were forced to keep Liam and Noel away from band Starsailor after a high-profile feud threatened to escalate into violence.