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LIB DEMLiberal Democrat(s) (UK political party)
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He got a non-Welsh speaking supporter to ask a Lib Dem activist whether it was true that there was no room for non-Welsh speakers in Plaid.
The last time Coun Forbes made wild predictions about Lib Dem prospects in Newcastle was just prior to the North Jesmond by-election last August, which the Lib Dems won by a landslide.
But at the Lib Dem conference, the simple fact that the energy secretary backs a policy is no guarantee that it will make it into the manifesto.
pdf) Survation poll says it all - 13 percent of 2010 Lib Dem voters in Eastleigh have switched to Ukip whilst only 5 percent have switched to Labour and 8 percent to the Conservatives.
Plaid Cymru Wrexham Coun Arfon Jones said: "This is just sour grapes by Labour, it was no secret Winston was a card carrying Lib Dem but he put his party to one side to campaign.
For them, it blows apart the wounding claim that voting Lib Dem is a wasted vote because they have no chance of getting into power.
While both Lib Dems and Conservatives support reform in theory, plans to get rid of the current peers and replace them with elected members are seen as a Lib Dem project which the Tories could quite happily forget all about.
Instead of joining with the rest of the city in tackling the financial crisis imposed on the city by their government the Lib Dems have refused to take up our offer to join in a joint budget process.
Lib Dem MP Adrian Saunders admitted his party was in trouble, adding: "We have lost a generation of young voters.
After their Westminster talks, senior Lib Dem David Laws said they were "determined to put the national interest before party advantage" - a remark seen as a sign they could give ground on their central demand of electoral reform.
May 2007 - Three seats C 846, 808, 797, Lab 602, 566, 510, Lib Dem 415, 398, 328).