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LIBELymphocytic Infiltration into Biliary Epithelial Cell
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In the middle of April EP decided the issue was a serious problem in Bulgaria, requiring thorough analysis and assigned the task of examining it to LIBE.
Green Party MEP Judith Sargentini, who has been entrusted with preparing the special report on Hungary, will be drawing up the document partly on the basis of this hearing, and is expected to put the report before the members of the LIBE Committee in March, who will in turn vote on the issue in June.
For the LIBE committee, this proposal would be harmful to personal data protection, since the two agencies play different roles.
The European Parliament has approved a decision to assign the task of examining the issue with illegal mass police spying in Bulgaria to the LIBE Committee.
According to the Minister, the exclusive reason for the LIBE hearing and the preparation of the report against Hungary is the significant difference with relation to the parties assessment of illegal immigration.
As Bulgaria currently does not have a working Parliament, we call on LIBE at the EP to initiate a probe in the case," the journalists further write.
For the longer term, and despite the misgivings of Conservative members, LIBE calls for a revision of the EU treaties - especially the never-used Article 7 that allows a member state's voting rights to be suspended - in order to prevent breaches of European values without waiting for a clear risk of serious breach to become effective.
With the adoption of the Report in the LIBE Committee, we have taken a step closer to launching this Strategy which will enable the hopeless masses living in poverty today to become equal citizens of tomorrow," said Livia Jaroka MEP, Rapporteur of the EU Strategy on Roma Inclusion.
The Deputy Minister also pointed out that the majority of MEPs who voted in favour of the proposal adopted by the LIBE Committee were in George Soross pocket.