LIBPCAPPromiscuous Capture Library
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Libpcap defines a common standard format for files in which captured frames are stored, also known as the tcpdump format, currently a de facto standard used widely in public network traffic archives.
The Snort system identifies packets at the second layer of TCP/IP protocol suite using the Libpcap library.
It provides a high-level interface for the capture of network packets through the tunnel of the library Libpcap [11] and inherits the behavior of the class Thread of package java.lang in order to be concurrently executed for capturing network packets.
In PEXT, through LibPcap tools packets are first captured from different binary traces of specific features; second, all packets are grouped into distinct classes.
In AppFA, the packet filter module can be implemented based on well-known library such as libpcap (
Raw network traffic data in the libpcap file format (.pcap) are transformed into numeric vectors through a data preprocessing module.
Frames were captured using a custom application with libpcap and one interface in monitor mode.