LIBRLifetime Income Benefit Rider (insurance industry)
LIBRLocal Input Bit Rate (computing)
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Designing the LIBR 397C course required building partnerships between the University and the regional community, which began a relationship between the students, the community partners, and the campus entities that may continue well into the future.
When coupled with a fifteen hour service learning commitment, the LIBR 397 students ultimately agreed to take on a sizeable commitment--much more so than their peers.
Many of the LIBR 397 students were limited to bus, bike, or carpooling as a means of transportation.
Though there was no course pre-requisite, the majority of LIBR 397C students were technologically savvy and understood the basics of information literacy prior to enrolling in the course.
Upon the culmination of LIBR 397C, the three student groups presented on their respective service learning experiences.
At the end of the quarter, the LIBR 397 students reported favorable experiences in the anonymous evaluations.
Due to the unique nature of the course, LIBR 397 students were able to see firsthand the complexities inherent in the Digital Divide phenomenon.