LIBRLifetime Income Benefit Rider (insurance industry)
LIBRLocal Input Bit Rate (computing)
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To a solution of 200 mL of dry THF containing 2a-c (20.00 mmol), 50.00 mmol of NaBH4 and 0.50 g of LiBr were added.
Optical properties of the solution such as the refractive index have also been measured in terms of concentration of LiCl and LiBr solutions (Penzkofer, Glas, and Schamailzl 1982; Zaltash and Ally 1992).
First, the LIBR 397C students could arrange carpooling efforts and alternative transportation amongst each other to alleviate the travel-related costs associated with volunteering.
The fee for a GLWB or LIBR can be based on the annuity contract's income value or accumulation value (investment portion of the contract), though it will be deducted from the accumulation value over the life of the contract.
To determine the convective coefficient of the LiBr solution-[H.sub.2]O of the absorber coil, Wike's correlation [21].
The thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures of AN and 3-HPN have been extensively studied with the aim of investigating the interactions in solution phase with electrolytes LiBr, NaBr, KBr, RbBr and CsBr [8-11].
"At this low temperature, highly concentrate Lithium Bromide (LiBr) absorbs the water vapour given off in the boiling process very effectively.
Mr Maillaud, reported local newspaper Dauphin Libr, had revealed that Mrs al-Hilli had not suffered a gunshot wound.
Just keep collecting the tokens, like the one printed in today's can libr PLUS FOR can get all 100 books.
where C = LiBr concentration (found from data for fluid properties, h = specific enthalpy, [Q.sub.a] = absorber heat rejected and [Q.sub.g] = generator heat input.
Only lithium bromide (LiBr) absorption comes close, and becomes competitive with AAR in only one niche--water-cooled air conditioning.
For solar air-conditioning applications, the refrigerant-absorbent [H.sub.2]O-LiBr is clearly preferred with respect to N[H.sub.3]-[H.sub.2]O due to its higher performance, but the use of LiBr as absorbent implies the risk of crystallization, more important in air-cooled systems.