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LIBRISLeague of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services (Colorado)
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On the fly-leaf, in very faded ink, is written `Ex libris Guliolmi Whyte.' I wonder who William Whyte was.
With Libris and Greenfly Connect, social teams can automatically access photos and videos from photographers and sort that content into galleries flowing through both systems.
RapidILL will continue to offer its current solutions, with support from Ex Libris, as the two organizations work together to enrich resource-sharing services for the academic library market.
Of the four libraries used in this study, the one library that did not perform data cleanup had "data-integrity issues after it went live." (10) Valdosta State, in its effort to clean up data prior to migration designated staff time to address cleanup projects suggested by Ex Libris, as well as those known by the institution.
"I deeply respect Hamanishi and mezzotint and would be honored if he would accept a commission for a personal ex libris, perhaps with fish swimming like in a pattern by M.C.
An ex libris is a small graphic bearing a name, crest, badge, motto, coat-of-arms or other design that is pasted inside the front cover of books to signify ownership.