LICALeft Internal Carotid Artery (cardiology)
LICALancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (Lancaster, UK)
LICALand Improvement Contractors of America
LICALong Island Contractors Association
LICALakeland Industry and Community Association (Alberta, Canada)
LICALaw on International Commercial Arbitration (international trade law)
LICALong Island Coaching Alliance (New York)
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Ionis' proprietary LIgand Conjugated Antisense, or LICA, technology conjugates specific chemical structures or molecules to antisense drugs to increase the efficiency of drug uptake in a particular tissue and increasing drug potency from 20 to over 30 fold compared to non-conjugated antisense drugs.
Similarly, the mean thickness of LCCA and LICA were also significantly higher in hypertensive group as compared to the control group (mean= 0.
The basic composition of the KPR (Kenrich Polymer Recycle) blend is a masterbatch of 20%-active LICA 12 titanate catalyst, 19% alumino silicate; 11% Si[O.
The new partnership with Club Colors more than satisfies both objectives,” said Jerry Biuso, National LICA CEO.
Palios is a colleague and friend of this year's president of the LICA, Graham Bond, and was considered the perfect choice as guest speaker given his work and ties to the city.
The event was also attended by MG Philippines CEO, Morgan Say;TeySornet, COO of LICA Autogroup; and auto industry veteran, Val de Leon.
The enhancements from the LICA technology have the potential to allow for less frequent administration and significantly lower doses providing greater patient convenience.
Harley has served as president of both North Dakota LICA and AGC chapters and has chaired several national AGC committees.
position on agroecology - vision, strategy, implementation - for LICA, (ii) the development of a
Ionis' LICA technology is designed to enhance the potency of its drugs by increasing efficient drug uptake in target tissues, which provides the potential for improved therapeutic margin, improved tolerability and dosing schedule flexibility.
The IONIS-APO(a)-LRx trial studied an optimized and more potent LICA drug that contains a GalNAc moiety that enhances delivery of drug to hepatocytes where Lp(a) is made and assembled.
IONIS-HBV-LRx is our first anti-infective drug in development that incorporates our LICA technology, which, due to its potential for enhanced potency, may have the benefit of robust activity paired with infrequent very-low doses.