LICALeft Internal Carotid Artery (cardiology)
LICALancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (Lancaster, UK)
LICALand Improvement Contractors of America
LICALong Island Contractors Association
LICALakeland Industry and Community Association (Alberta, Canada)
LICALaw on International Commercial Arbitration (international trade law)
LICALong Island Coaching Alliance (New York)
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And in collaboration with the Lica Auto Group, we are able to establish our presence in a very exciting market.
And in collaboration with the Lica Auto Group, we are able to establish our presence at the soonest possible time in this very exciting market.
Kennedy chairs the state's transportation committee, and his visit comes at a key time for Long Island, according to LICA's executive director, Marc Herbst.
Due to its significant economic characteristics, it has become a first-class borough where it can be a key potential market wherein, together with Lica Group, their expertise will surely help the steady growth of the brand and further contribute to the economy of Cainta.
A 7.5 mm Accunet distal protection device was deployed in the straight portion of the LICA distal to the lesion.
Table 1--resistivity of 3.75% XC-72R conductive black in styrene butadiene block copolymer/PS 10 mm thick test slab Weight % LICA 09 Resistivity carbon black Surface, [OMEGA]/sq.
Ionis' proprietary LIgand Conjugated Antisense, or LICA, technology conjugates specific chemical structures or molecules to antisense drugs to increase the efficiency of drug uptake in a particular tissue and increasing drug potency from 20 to over 30 fold compared to non-conjugated antisense drugs.
Table-2: Comparison of RCCA, RICA, LCCA and LICA intimal thickness among the four study groups.
Subs not used: Lica, Hobbs, Smith, Ahmedhodzic, Edser STAR MAN PETER WHITTINGHAM Whittingham's brilliance is well known, so how did Forest manage to give him the ball so often in so much space?
The product is the result of combining the company's single-site neoalkoxy LICA 12 titanate catalyst with a mixed-metal catalyst to "give more bang for the buck," says Salvatore Monte, company president.
La premiere a ete jouee a Lancaster au theatre Live at Lica, et a Londres, au Chelsea Theater.