LICAPLow Income Customer Assistance Program (Niagara Mohawk)
LICAPLong Island City Arts Project (New York)
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The advertisement reads, "Herbal and dietary supplement users want the products they take to be easily absorbed and they believe that the Licaps visible liquid dosage form helps deliver effective absorption.
Neptune will also formulate and package for TGOD capsules using its Licaps technology licensed from Lonza.
"Our Licaps liquid-filled capsules have been specially designed for the secure containment of liquid fills, while our DRcaps capsules support probiotic supplement manufacturers in overcoming challenges with stability and strain survival.
It includes liquid-filled capsules, both softgels and our proprietary Licaps liquid-filled hard capsule technology, together with new formulation technologies and new developments in hard capsules, such as controlled release.
Tocomin SupraBio is a precisely formulated liquid suspension that can be readily encapsulated (soft gels and licaps).
Beauty Ingredients: Vcaps vegetarian capsules for ingestible supplements; Licaps liquid delivery system; formulation services; natural colors for capsules
Capsugel ( is delighted to announce that its integrated Licaps Drug Delivery System is being used by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to produce new capsule lines with a proven, secure seal.
"To overcome this issue, Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition has developed Licaps liquid-filled capsules, a hermetically bonded dosage form that can help mask the strong taste and odor of krill oil," she said.
Capsugel, Greenwood, SC, recently unveiled "Pearlized" Licaps capsules to the dietary supplement industry.
Lonza also offers various forms of moisture-protective Vcaps Plus capsules (regular and/or in Licaps); acid-resistant DRcaps capsules; and a variety of other clean label, plant-based, and flavor-masking delivery solutions.
To protect against unpleasant odors in the bottle, Capsugel offers: Licaps hard capsules, which are filled with nitrogen during manufacturing and the encapsulation process to keep oxygen out; Licaps OceanCaps fish gelatin capsule, which provides manufacturers with the ability to offer an all-marine product when used for marine and krill oils; the vegetarian Licaps Vcaps Plus; and Plantcaps for Liquids, a vegetarian pullulan capsule, naturally fermented from tapioca, which the company claims has the highest odor barrier properties of all polymers--better than gelatin or HPMC capsules.
But stability can be achieved when the extract liquid is encapsulated in a Licaps hard gelatin capsule that is flushed with nitrogen before it is fused shut with a hermetic seal in order to reduce oxidative action, according to Justin Southern, formulation scientist, Capsugel.