LICAPLow Income Customer Assistance Program (Niagara Mohawk)
LICAPLong Island City Arts Project (New York)
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The LICAP proposed decision is yet another example of unnecessary costs being imposed on all Maine ratepayers for no benefit.
If FERC does not implement LICAP in October 2006, FERC's decision could delay implementation of an efficient and competitive capacity market by at least two years.
He added that the Licaps technology is especially effective in protecting the more highly concentrated oils.
The advertisement reads, "Herbal and dietary supplement users want the products they take to be easily absorbed and they believe that the Licaps visible liquid dosage form helps deliver effective absorption.
But stability can be achieved when the extract liquid is encapsulated in a Licaps hard gelatin capsule that is flushed with nitrogen before it is fused shut with a hermetic seal in order to reduce oxidative action, according to Justin Southern, formulation scientist, Capsugel.
It includes liquid-filled capsules, both softgels and our proprietary Licaps liquid-filled hard capsule technology, together with new formulation technologies and new developments in hard capsules, such as controlled release.
Beauty Ingredients: Vcaps vegetarian capsules for ingestible supplements; Licaps liquid delivery system; formulation services; natural colors for capsules
com) is delighted to announce that its integrated Licaps Drug Delivery System is being used by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to produce new capsule lines with a proven, secure seal.
Capsugel, Greenwood, SC, recently unveiled "Pearlized" Licaps capsules to the dietary supplement industry.
Capsugel has introduced a new range of its Licaps liquid-filled hard capsules available for 10 "ready-to-go" finished-dosage nutritional products.
To meet this growing market demand, Capsugel's Licaps technology has been advanced to handle multi-release products.
Taylor was the manager of new product development for Capsugel, where he was responsible for formulation development for Licaps liquid-based products for the Americas region.