LICFLong Island Community Foundation (est. 1978; Syosset, NY)
LICFLong Island Community Fellowship (est. 2002; Bay Shore, NY)
LICFLife in Christ Fellowship (various locations)
LICFLotus India Contra Fund (open ended equity scheme)
LICFLight-Independent Carbon Fixation (botany)
LICFLong Island Cat Fanciers', Inc. (Brentwood, NY)
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The search for electrometric and adhesive electrolytes with improved performances, especially room temperature conductivity, is of great interest since the ionic conductivity of anhydrous lithium polymer electrolytes generally made of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) and LiClO 4 or LiCF 3 SO 3 salts lies in the range 10 -7 - 10 -8 S cm -1 at room temperature [8].
Under the broad category of primary lithium battery types, chemical systems currently in mainstream use include lithium poly carbon monoflouride (LiCF), lithium manganese dioxide (Li[MNO.sub.2]), lithium sulfur dioxide (Li[SO.sub.2]), and lithium thionyl chloride (Li[SOCL.sub.2]).