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LICHLong Island College Hospital
LICHLandscape Industry Council of Hawaii (est. 1986)
LICHLondon International College of Homeopathy (UK)
LICHLandelijk Informatie Centrum Hoogbegaafdheid (Dutch: National Giftedness Information Center; Netherlands)
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With the sale of LICH, the court ordered that the Othmer endowment assets fund the Long Island College Hospital Medical Malpractice Trust to pay for malpractice claims against LICH.
destination" plans will that that city Lichfield is already known by some as Lich Vegas and our cafe society is a stimulant to the economy.
Under the transaction that was negotiated, Fortis is to purchase the LICH portfolio in two phases and will redevelop the former hospital campus into a mixed-use project, and NYU will build a new medical facility to service the neighborhood.
Brad Lich will assume Warmack's position of vice president and general manager, CASPI.
Ashley and Vicky Thorpe told Lich field Diocese they were unhappy following their wedding at Christ Church in Fenton, Staffordshire, last weekend.
And the division has won a contract worth nearly pounds 700,000 to build a vocational training centre on a new development in Lich field.
I'll try to keep it simple: Arthas, the Lich King, wants an elvish artifact called The Sunwell.
Jerry consulted Princess Diana's divorce lawyer after Jagger was caught spending the night with Czech model Jana Raj lich, 28.
They are the main constituents of the texture of the general history of Vietnam, Lich Su Viet-Nam, which was hailed at the time of its publication as the remarkable achievement of a long-term enterprise.
Defense Minister, General Ngo Xuan Lich had a meeting with the General Technical Department on February 23 at the Headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense.
And as he eased up on the way to the finish, muscle-bound Vietnamese Quach Cong Lich made things interesting by mounting a last-ditch chase and was soon breathing down the Filipino-American's neck.