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LICITLabor-Industry Coalition for International Trade
LICITLife Insurance Company Taxable Income
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The difference between illicit and licit alcohol prices averaged 51 per cent in 2017.
The diversion of precursor chemicals from licit producers to the illicit drug trade is a serious problem.
When science is pursued in a moral vacuum and without any limitations as to what is licit and what is not, humankind is headed for disaster of the worst possible kind.
"It is up to the legal authority to determine what is licit or illicit with regards to the facts, and to order the necessary measures," and not up to the internet service provider, retorts the collective.
Although President Karzai has strongly attacked narcotrafficking as the greatest threat to Afghanistan, one third of the Afghan economy remains opium-based, which contributes to widespread public corruption, damage to licit economic growth, and the strengthening of the insurgency.
If, on the other hand, the price depends on the common estimation, it is licit to demand either the lowest, the middle, or the highest price according to opportunity.
Philip Goon has been chosen as prospective Liberal candidate for the Fordbndsre ward at the licit Solihull District Council eleclions.
In line with the natural law manualists' efforts to discern degrees of personal culpability, the authors of these chapters explore in healthcare and medical practices the determination of licit or illicit cooperation in another's evil or wrongdoing--practices such as research or therapeutic use of stem cells derived from aborted fetuses, other uses of embryonic/fetal material, physician-assisted suicide, legislation and votes for/against legislators, and conscientious objection.
Part comedy, part satire, part mystery and part art history, the plot carries the reader across three continents into the high stakes world of licit and illicit art collection before its literal and figurative homecoming.
This technical report examines data on licit trade in scheduled precursor chemicals, reports government activities to curtail drug smuggling, and recommends specific actions for preventing traffickers from obtaining precursor chemicals.
Thus they attract the scrutiny of overzealous DEA agents and prosecutors who either don't understand "best practice" or are seeking headlines to divert attention from their overall failure to prevent wide scale criminal diversion of licit and illicit drugs.)
Justice Scalia's dissent notwithstanding, then, the Court's opinion in Lawrence actually takes pains to reinforce the existence of an intelligible legal line between illicit and licit sex, even as the watershed holding moves across the line one particular form of intimacy--private, consensual sex between adults of the same sex.