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LICKLong Island Community Konnection (New York)
LICKLife Improvement for Cats and Kittens (Mays Landing, NJ)
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You licked Cheese-Face, and you'll lick the editors if it takes twice eleven years to do it in.
Why couldn't Cheese-Face be licked? he often thought; that would put him, Martin, out of his misery.
I won't say he'll lick Ward, but he'll put up such a show that you'll all know he's a comer."
"Ah, we blokies kin lick deh hull damn Row," said a child, swaggering.
On the first day of January, 1778, I went with a party of thirty men to the Blue Licks, on Licking River, to make salt for the different garrisons in the country.
I could lick you with one hand tied behind me, if I wanted to."
"Well," I says, "s'pose we got some genies to help US -- can't we lick the other crowd then?"
At last, by the eternal thunders, we'll lick 'em good!"
For, see you, it was our custom to lick the dew from the oar-blades, the gunwales, the thwarts, and the inside planking.
"Which licked? Sit down here on the hat-box and tell me all about it!"
Still the flowing stream Sweeps on, but the swift torrents of green hours Are licked into the brazen skies between Their widening banks.
Thou art not rich enough to present it to me." Then fell the adder again on his neck, and licked his wound.