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LICOLow-Income Cut-Off
LICOLicense Company (various companies)
LICOLow-Income Car Ownership (program)
LICOLow Intensity Conflict Operation (India)
LICOLittle Italy Community Organization (Baltimore, MD)
LICOLove in Chi Omega (sorority)
LICOLife in Christ Outreach
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If America, a country whose second largest export is entertainment, cannot get together at a content convention once a year," Lico comments, "shame on us, because it is about more than just selling or buying.
Para realizar esas labores, Aquopress y Lico Ambiental contrataron, a su vez, a casi tres mil trabajadores.
CABLEready's Lico said, "All of us went into NATPE thinking 'the theme of this show is mobile phone technology'," but he expressed doubt that the new technology lived up to its expectations.
However, the Statistics Canada LICO approach gave a poverty line for the same family of $31,100.
It is a syndrome which 'plagues a nation with an obsession and compulsion to build edifices as a hallmark of greatness or as a signifier of national prosperity,' Lico writes.
The LOI, when superseded by a definitive option agreement, will require LiCo to make certain cash payments totalling USD 8.
Low-income poverty status was defined according to the LICO computed each year by Statistics Canada.
Lico has, however, still opted to hold court at a THEHotel suite rather than on the NATPE exhibition floor, citing that it is a more comfortable environment, especially because he doesn't rely on walk-ins and drop-bys there.
Single employable people on welfare in Alberta lived on just one third of the LICO and less than half the MBM.
Volunteer effort was launched in 1993 by Gary Lico, Cableready prexy-CEO, after he noticed the amount of food wasted each year at the annual convention.
It's as if the Met is revealing itself in its own way in the course of rehabilitation,' says Gerard Lico, the architect in charge of the project.