LICPLaser Image Corporate Printing (Durham, NC)
LICPLine Item Construction Project
LICPLead Inventory Control Point
LICPLower Intercooler Pipe (air intake systems)
LICPLong Island Cat Project (New York)
LICPLong Island Center of Photography (Long Island, NY)
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According to Elizabeth Lusskin, LICP's president, the RFP is seeking consultants to create a "strategic roadmap" that would provide those interested in applying for the city's RFEI with key information.
The LICP will soon select a RFP applicant to conduct an in-depth analysis on the feasibility of creating a Life Sciences Cluster in Long Island City by identifying the advantages the area offers, the possible obstacles, and the steps necessary to make the hub self-sustaining.
Previously, only credit card and auto loans have separate line items under LICP. These new rules take effect this month.
Lewis said Gateway Metro will be maintaining its relationship with LICP at the Missouri league.
Equally, only one organometallic compound was known, namely cyclopentadienylindium(l), InCp, first prepared by Fischer from InCl.sub 3 and NaCp, but also available via InCl + LiCp. This is a half-sandwich molecule 2, with five-fold symmetry, as shown by electron diffraction, and the bonding can be described in terms of interactions between the pir-orbitals of the ring carbon atoms and the metal 5s and 5p orbitals, similar to but quantitatively different from the model used in describing ferrocene.