LICULow-Income Credit Unions
LICULength of Intensive Care Unit (hospitalization)
LICULeague of IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) Credit Unions (various locations)
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The NCUA references this in guidance to examiners regarding LICUs.
In August, the NCUA sent a letter to approximately 1,000 credit unions, notifying them of their LICU eligibility and offering them the chance to gain LICU designation by simply replying to the letter.
1% standards-if any or all of the 1,003 credit unions allowed to apply through the expedited process had chosen to apply through the previous paperwork-laden process to become a LICU, they would have been approved.
A simple affirmative reply to the opt-in offer will allow them to avoid the usual paperwork required of the approval process and begin utilizing LICU benefits immediately.
The significance is that LICUs are not bound to the 12.
Creditunions are not charities and LICU members are not charity cases.
Among the recommendations made by the report are: the development of aid- allocation criteria, strengthening internal Bank support for LICUS, and to reassess Bank performance towards LICUS after three years.
In 2003, the World Bank created the LICUS (Low Income Countries Under Stress--now renamed the Fragile States Initiative) to bolster states in danger of falling into dysfunctional governance and deepening poverty.
And while LICUs often have to work with limited resources themselves, using volunteer and part-time staff and insufficient capital to provide for their constituents, a report released last year shows them to be flourishing.
In 2002, the World Bank launched the LICUS (Low Income Countries Under Stress) initiative to provide special assistance for high-risk countries, defined as scoring a 3.
Without an amendment to existing regulations, LICUs that choose to accept TARP funds in the form of secondary capital will be required to hold an annually decreasing percentage of TARP funds at 9% interest over five years, a rate potentially higher than other rates that would become available on secondary capital accounts, the agency explained.